Hot Topics in Big Data: What You Need to Know Now!

A One-Day Workshop Co-sponsored by CENDI and NFAIS
Hosted by FEDLINK at the Library of Congress

The Mumford Room, Library of Congress, 101 Independence Avenue, SE,  Washington, DC 20540
Tuesday, December 11, 2012 
*  9:00 am - 4:30 pm  *


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This one-day workshop will appeal to anyone concerned with effectively managing, analyzing, and using large volumes of structured and/or unstructured content - librarians, publishers, scientists and scholars, technologists, and other information professionals. If you need to know more about the key issues and current trends in handling Big Data, what tools are emerging for data mining and analytics, the new skill sets required for data management and curation, and how some institutions are living up to the challenges presented by the growth of scholarly and scientific data, this meeting is for you. Registration will open August 22nd for all who need to pay before their new fiscal year begins.


Dr. George Strawn, Director of the National Coordination Office for the U.S. multi-agency Networking and Information Technology Research Development (NITRD) Program, will open the day with a compelling overview of the Big Data landscape - the growth of content, its impact on storage and use capacity, and the many issues that have to be addressed now - skill sets, policies, analytic tools, and more. This will be followed by case studies from organizations such as the World Data System and the Earth Science Information Partnership who will discuss how they have been impacted by the growth of data, the challenges that they now face in content management, new systems and policy requirements, workflow issues, etc, and how they are adapting to change.

After lunch (which will be provided) speakers from the research and publishing communities (Oak Ridge National Laboratory, the American Chemical Society, and Nature Publishing) will address developments related to data citation, data linking, and the handling of journal article supplemental materials, covering issues of interest to librarians, content providers and users. In addition, there will be a session focused on the emerging skill sets required to handle large volumes of data with Dr. Michael Chui, a principal of the McKinsey Global Institute, discussing the results of a recent study on this issue.

The day will close with Dennis Gannon, Director, Cloud Research, Microsoft Research Connections, providing an overview of the field of data analytics - successful applications, opportunities, and challenges - along with some new initiatives in this field that you can expect from Microsoft.

Other speakers are being confirmed so the day will be full of interesting presentations and discussions. Speakers have been chosen for their expertise in the subject matter to be addressed.

Plan on joining us for an informational and thought-provoking day.



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