Getting a Handle on Federal Information:
Persistent Identification Using HANDLES®

A CENDI Workshop
Hosted by the National Library of Medicine
Lister Hill Auditorium, Building 38A

January 29, 2003


9:00 am

Welcome and Introductions
Kent Molholm
CENDI/Defense Technical Information Center

Dr. Robert Kahn
Corporation for National Research Initiatives

9:15 am

Keynote: Getting a Handle on Information: Part of a Federal Information Infrastructure (get PowerPoint presentation - 867 KB)
Kurt Molholm
CENDI/Defense Technical Information Center

Setting the Stage: A Handle Overview

10:00 am

The Handle System (get PowerPoint presentation - 1,458 KB)
Larry Lannom
Corporation for National Research Initiatives

10:45 am

Digital Object Identifiers - a Handle Implementation (get PowerPoint presentation - 457 KB)
Norman Paskin
International DOI Foundation

11:15 am

CrossRef - a DOI Implementation for Journal Publishers (get PowerPoint presentation - 1,007 KB)
Ed Pentz

12:45 pm

Traditional Uses of Handles: A Federal Implementers Panel

Barbara Nekoba
Defense Technical Information Center (get PowerPoint presentation - 782 KB)

Sherry Davids
National Agricultural Library, USDA (get PowerPoint presentation - 491 KB)

Lillian Gassie
Naval Postgraduate School (get PowerPoint presentation - 406 KB)

Martha Knott
Redstone Scientific Information Center (get PowerPoint presentation - 12 KB)

Wally Finch
National Technical Information Service (get PowerPoint presentation - 340 KB)

Jane Mandelbaum
Library of Congress (get PowerPoint presentation - 32 KB)

Non-Traditional Uses of the Handle System

2:45 pm

Managing Interoperable Digital Objects (get PowerPoint presentation - 1,680 KB)
Jim Erwin
Defense Technical Information Center

3:15 pm

Managing Government Resources (get Flash presentation - 168 KB)
Glenn Handrahan

3:45 pm

Wrap Up: Next Steps

4:00 pm